Graphic Facilitation: Diversity and Open Space Technology

I was fortunate to be invited to an NGO Ashiya Kokusai Hiroba to facilitate a session on diversity using open space technology. This organization offers Japanese language and cultural classes to foreigners living in Ashiya city, and they wanted to experience open space technology for its staff members. This was first time for me toContinue reading “Graphic Facilitation: Diversity and Open Space Technology”

Infographic: WHO Antibiotics report 2020

Thank you, Sarah Paulin and Maarten van der Heijden for giving me the opportunity to develop developing infographic/factsheet for the crucial report “2020 antibacterial agents in clinical and preclinical development: an overview and analysis” I never realised how antibiotics is important for us, and how serious the situation of resistance. We should never take antibiotics for granted. The goalContinue reading “Infographic: WHO Antibiotics report 2020”

A New Visual Thinking Approach to Evaluation: Introducing EvaluVision by Keisuke Taketani, Katherine Haugh, Yumiko Kanemitsu

(This blog was originally published at American Evaluation Association on April 9, 2021) Greetings AEA365! We are Katherine Haugh, Yumiko Kanemitsu  and Keisuke Taketani, a group of individuals who are passionate about visual thinking and its applications in evaluation and adaptive learning.  Yumiko is a Regional Evaluation Officer at the United Nations (UN) World Food Programme. KeisukeContinue reading “A New Visual Thinking Approach to Evaluation: Introducing EvaluVision by Keisuke Taketani, Katherine Haugh, Yumiko Kanemitsu”

Virtual graphic facilitation

I did my first virtual graphic facilitation last week, connecting around 30 participants from Myanmar, Thailand, France, and the Philippines. Here is what I learned from this experience. Quality of conversation: In a virtual workshop, communication flows from participants to facilitators, rather than among participants. ZOOM breakout rooms made people talk more in a group butContinue reading “Virtual graphic facilitation”

Go Visual! Evaluation of school feeding programme in Bangladesh

I was honored to facilitate an evaluation workshop of World Food Programme Bangladesh school feeding programme. A workshop in Cox’s Bazar, I tried to capture key findings of evaluation without using any text. Only images. Why? Participating parents from the community were illiterate. I wanted to make sure they understand what consultants say visually. DespiteContinue reading “Go Visual! Evaluation of school feeding programme in Bangladesh”

Let’s co-create

Recently, several of my clients hired videographers and photographers to record the workshop. The dynamics of graphic facilitation for me is that you don’t know what outcome will be at the end of the day. It is the spirit of co-creation. Everyone at the workshop including organizer, participants, and facilitator is all part of the processContinue reading “Let’s co-create”

Basic elements of graphic facilitation

  Several participants at workshops and LinkedIn friends asked me about graphic recording and facilitation. Here is a brief summary of what I do. I do graphic recording and graphic facilitation. Graphic recording is when I visualise the conversation on the spot at conferences and workshops. Graphic facilitation, on the other hand, is a mixContinue reading “Basic elements of graphic facilitation”


I enjoyed a graphic facilitation of cross-cultural communication, particularly a session on AIKIDO last weekend. AIKIDO provides so much insights about being persuasive and non-confrontational in cultures like Philippines and Japan. Thanks @spiceworx_mnl