Sake and Sustainability

I was amazed by the story of Fukuju Sake at SDGs round table hosted by Kobe based NGO Peace and Nature. They cut 70% energy while production tripled. There are many other eye-opening eco-initiatives.

Takenosuke ‘Edward’ Yasufuku is the 13th head of brewery with history of 270 years. Their Sake received many awards, and served at Nobel Prize Ceremony at Sweden.

When I was graphically capturing his talk, a question suddenly came up to me “How does next 270 years look like?” “What do we have to do now to make sure our grand grand children can enjoy the same tasty sake”

When asked what value that generations of Yasufuku family kept passing on to run this brewery, Edward answered “sprit of innovation to survive”. Given that Fukuu Sake is rather small brewery and need to add additional value to remain strong in the market.

Now I feel Edward is making new innovation to survive, literally in this climate crsis.


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