Basic elements of graphic facilitation


Several participants at workshops and LinkedIn friends asked me about graphic recording and facilitation. Here is a brief summary of what I do. I do graphic recording and graphic facilitation.

Graphic recording is when I visualise the conversation on the spot at conferences and workshops. Graphic facilitation, on the other hand, is a mix of visualizatoin and facilitation.

Clearly graphic facilitation requires more skills and training. Personally I like graphic facilitation more as that’s where the power of graphic and facilitation comes together.

Here is the list of training I took to become a graphic facilitator:

  • Visalisation in Participatory Programmes (VIPP) in Black Forest, Germany was my first training course as professional facilitator.
  • Grove’s graphic facilitation course during International Association of Facilitators conference in Tokyo gave me a practical tips and techniques.
  • The certification course of solution-focused coaching gave me a foundation skills as a coach.
  • U lab at MIT showed me how the power of graphic recording by Kelvy Bird.

I also get inspiration from many resources. Particularly “Graphic Recording” is a great book with many examples and list of graphic recorders.

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