Power of choice

We make choices everyday. Small choices or big choices. Active choices (i.e. do something) or  passive ones (not to do something).


Big choices with big impact. This includes lifetime decisions such as marriage, jobs, and schools you go to.

Small choices with big impact. What we eat and drink for lunch doesn’t seem to be a big choice, but our eating habits has a big impact to us. Sending one small thank you note to someone isn’t a big decision, but it can lead to a big difference.

Big choices with small impact. Confessions requires courage, but sometimes the impact isn’t as big as you expect.

Small choices with small impact. Trivia. Many of our daily life and work decisions fall into this box.

In the end it is about making conscious choices. Be it the food I eat or the words I use. I wish to be more mindful on those choices.




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